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SIVU RAKENTEILLA......kts. SQ HUle- ja teollisuusvedet yläpuolelta hakemistoa.


Non-contact discharge measurement for Wastewater, sewage systems and industrial waters

The radar sensors of the SQ series continuously measure the discharge volume of sewer systems, ducts, semi-filled pipes and other technical channels in the fields of wastewater and industrial effluents. Due to the contact-free measurement deposits and other solids in the water do not harm the sensor. This is especially advantageous for the measurement of wastewater. The compact design allows an installation in manholes or in sewage systems.


Features and advantages

  • Non-contact measuring, maintenance-free system
  • Discharge calculation through continuous measurement of flow velocity and water level (increased accuracy as through level measurement only)
  • No structural work necessary in the water
  • Simple installation and integration in existing measurement and process control systems
  • Data output via multiple interfaces: RS 485, Modbus, SDI-12, pulse, analog
  • Uninterrupted accuracy - measures also with high turbidity and solid contents in the wastewater and at very little discharge rates
  • SQ-3, SQ-6 and SQ-15: appropriate system size for different water levels
  • Watertight, floodable and resistant housing
  • Application in aggressive environments
  • Integrated hydraulic model for precise discharge calculation
  • Measuring range: water level 3 m, 6 m, 15 m; velocity 0.10 to 15 m/s (depending on the flow conditions)
  • Optional: non-contact measurement of water temperature